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The following proposal for your potential visit to the CCHS museum is based on the topics you requested according to EngageNY Domain 7 for Language Arts, 2nd grade:


We will host your second grade students for a tour with 4 stations to visit, 15-20 minutes per station, so we will ask for the students to be divided into 4 groups (if possible).  The groups will rotate so every group will visit each station.  (This proposal is subject to change depending on class size, requested material, etc.; stations are facilitated by staff & volunteer educators.)



Will walk through the museum’s  Canal, Railroad, and Civil War Exhibits—Westward Expansion, focusing on early modes of transportation and featuring large murals of canal and railroads (Steamboat, Erie and Chenango Canals, and Railroads in Chenango County and beyond); how transportation timeline in Chenango County tied in with what was occurring nationally (ie. Civil War)



Will show students mural depicting timeline of Native Americans in Chenango County; will discuss effect of early settlers coming into the area on the Native Americans (Iroquois) in Chenango County



Featuring Early Settlement Exhibits—Exhibits lifestyle and hardships of people during 1830’s to late 19th Century; show ox cart, similar to how people traveled west on the Oregon Trail, as well as others things they might have had with them (OPTIONAL HANDS-ON COMPONENT: Students can make butter…10 minutes to exhibit, 10 minutes to make butter)



Featuring communication methods from the early 19th Century to the beginning of the 20th Century, highlighting the introduction of the telegraph and its effect on the Railroads and transportation.  (HANDS-ON COMPONENT: Students will get use a telegraph using Morse Code)


WRAP UP—Will gather everyone back together and wrap-up all that was covered during tour, relating to Domain 7. (time permitting)


Please note: The Loomis Barn, Bob Marshman Agriculture Education Center and the reconstructed Lillie Chenango Canal Exhibit are both now open, and will be incorporated in this year’s 2nd Grade EXPERIENCE!  The above program can also be offered at your school or via Distance Learning Technology. Picnic area now available at museum under covered pavilion on comfortable days!





Admission to the CCHS Museum is just $4.00/student and all chaperones/teachers are admitted free!  However, to assist you and your District with funding the cost of the ticket admission for your students at our Museum, below are links to two fantastic programs you can contact to help:


2017 Arts in Education through DCMO BOCES: http://www.dcmoboces.com/Services_Inst.cfm?subpage=89

(Contact is Diane Aaronson & her email/phone can be found via the above link).  I did also attach the Arts in Education Ticket Program Request form for your reference that can be found via the link above.


2017 Grants for Teachers through the Chenango Arts Council: http://www.chenangoarts.org/grants/teachers.html

(Contact is Michelle Connelly & her contact info can be found on the Arts Council website)



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