Women of Chenango County

Twenty-one towns, twenty-one women who made history.

Generously Sponsored by the Roger Follett Foundation
In the Fall of 2020, I took on this exhibit project that is an endeavor to elevate the stories of various Women of Chenango County who made an impact in greater history. These are twenty-one stories of women who have been left out of the historical narrative and this exhibit is meant to be a testament to the strength, fortitude, courage, and moxie of women from all over the county who proved that men were not the only ones who could make history or deserve to be in a history book. Being a woman of Chenango County myself, this exhibit has been a true passion project that has impacted my view of Chenango County History, and I hope that yours will be too. The ways in which we tell history have evolved, but history stays the same throughout; it’s just a matter of taking the time to uncover the stories of those who might have been forgotten.
Marie Moren

BA in History, SUNY Geneseo '20, CCHS Intern and Volunteer