Images of America: Oxford


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On the Chenango River in central New York, the community of Oxford rose from a forest clearing in 1790 to a thriving farm-based village and town by 1830. The advent of railroads and canals joined Oxford to new markets and resources. Oxford bluestone quarries sent smooth slabs to Trinity Church, Wall Street, and Grant’s Tomb in New York City. As the nation grew, Oxford’s thousands of wood baskets and finely crafted tool handles were carried and used in the toil. Bicycles, dental devices, and more were also exported. The village remains as Chenango County’s favorite “bedroom community” with its idyllic beauty, public safety, and long traditions at Oxford Academy and Central School.

Fred Lanfear is a relative newcomer to Oxford who came to teach and stayed to learn. He is the historical society president and a member of Oxford Historical Society.

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