Norwich: Celebrating 125 Years


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The Norwich Pharmacal Company began well over a century ago at a time when there was no laws or regulations controlling the manufacture or sale of medicines. Through the years as the science of medicine became more stringent, individuals and groups within the company adjusted to the new environment. They developed new classes of medicines taking advantage of new scientific understanding. They responded to events in the outside world in which the company’s products could make a difference to patients. And they built the expertise to register and manufacture pharmaceutical products in the highly regulated global marketplace of today.

The world of pharmaceutical manufacture has come a long way since the days of Lafayette Moore and his pill machine. The employees who worked at The Norwich Pharmacal Company and its successor organizations brought their skills, their drive, and their dedication to solve problems and deliver medicines that are far more sophisticated than anything envisioned when the company began so many years ago.

This book was written to help Norwich Pharmaceuticals commemorate the 125th anniversary of the company name and to celebrate the service it continues to provide today.