The Year Was 1914


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As part of the observance of the 100th anniversary of the chartering of Norwich as a city, The Evening Sun published excerpts from The Norwich Sun of 1914. Every Tuesday during 2014, Kay Wells Zaia, co-chair of the centennial committee, selected a few of the stories that were making news in the same week 100 years ago, commenting on them as necessary.

If you’ve wondered why Norwich chose to change from a village to a city, the answer will be found in the first week’s selection, which appeared on January 7th. You will learn that the change was not supported by everyone! Details of what life was like in the Norwich of 1914, some funny the and some funny only in retrospect, are revealed.

The Norwich Sun in 1914 was published daily, Monday through Saturday, and was available for 10 cents a week or 2 cents a copy. Most of the news centered on Norwich, although “stringers” from outlying neighborhoods reported on who visited whom, and who had replaced his horse and carriage with a new-fangled automobile.