Founded: The first settlement occurred in 1797. It was formed as Stonington on April 7, 1806, but was later changed to Pharsalia on April 6, 1808.

Hamlets within town: Early settlements included Crane’s Corners, East Pharsalia, North Pharsalia, Northwest Corners, Pharsalia Center, Pharsalia Hill and Union Valley.

Present settlements include East Pharsalia, North Pharsalia and Pharsalia (Hook).

Named after: Originally after Stonington Conn., but Pharsalia is in honor of a Roman civil war battle site in Greece.

Current population: 593 (2010 U.S. census)

Notable people: The “Podunk Hillbillies” were musicians and comedians who entertained throughout New York and Pennsylvania for more than 40 years.

Interesting fact: When New York state started acquiring land for wildlife management purposes, it first acquired land in Pharsalia in 1926 as The Pharsalia Game Refuge, which is now called the Pharsalia Wildlife Management Area. This area is nearly 4,700 acres.

Industry past: Gristmills, sawmills and farming. At one time, Pharsalia had five creameries that produced award-winning butter and cheeses. Pharsalia was home to the J.C. Gladding Ropewalk which was the predecessor to Gladding Braided Products.

Industry present: Dairy and beef farming assist in the economy of Pharsalia. Pharsalia Metal Fabrication Inc. is a custom metal fabrication company that specializes in stainless steel, aluminum and carbon steel. Gladding Braided Products still has an active warehouse in Pharsalia.

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