CCHS: A Cultural ‘Powerhouse,’ Awarded NYSCA grant

The Chenango County Historical Society (CCHS) – the area’s premier heritage museum – recently announced grant awards totaling $49,500 from the New York State Council on the Arts (NYSCA) to support the recovery of the nonprofit arts and culture sector. Through New York State’s continued investment in arts and culture, NYSCA has awarded more than $80 million since spring 2023 to more than 1,500 artists and organizations across the state, including CCHS.

As shared by New York state Gov. Kathy Hochul: “Research confirms what we’ve always known here in New York: arts and culture are a powerhouse, with a staggering return on investment for our economy and our communities. Nonprofit arts and culture organizations and their audiences generated $151.7 billion in economic activity nationwide in 2022 and New York’s unparalleled arts and culture sector is leading the way to benefit our residents, our students and our visitors every day. I commend these grantees on their achievements and look forward to their contributions in the coming year.”

NYSCA Chair Katherine Nicholls added, “Thanks to the unwavering support of Gov. Hochul and our legislature, NYSCA is so proud to support the work of organizations and artists from all across New York. Spanning the entire breadth of the arts and culture sector – from world-renowned performers to after-school programs, from long established museums to community arts collectives – these organizations and artists together are a powerful driver of health, tourism, economy, and education for our residents and visitors. On behalf of council and staff, congratulations to the Chenango County Historical Society, and thank you for your perseverance, your creativity, and your tireless service to New York state.”

“We are very grateful for NYSCA’s continued investment in our mission,” said Executive Director Jessica Moquin. “This is the third consecutive year that CCHS has received NYSCA funding. The stability offered by this consist support is allowing the museum to grow and flourish in remarkable new ways. We look forward to another dynamic season of sharing and celebrating our unique community heritage!”

Following an extensive strategic planning process last year, CCHS has renewed its commitment as a community partner, an educational resource, and a regional destination. The museum’s reaffirmed mission – to explore the culture of Chenango County through the preservation and presentation of local heritage – is guiding the organization as it works to accomplish the goals identified in this updated strategic plan.

The mission of NYSCA is to foster and advance the full breadth of New York state’s arts, culture, and creativity for all. To support the ongoing recovery of the arts across the state, the Council on the Arts will award $127 million in FY 2024. The Council on the Arts further advances New York’s creative culture by convening leaders in the field and providing organizational and professional development opportunities and informational resources. Created by then-Gov. Nelson Rockefeller in 1960 and continued with the support of Gov. Hochul and the New York State Legislature, the council is an agency that is part of the executive branch.

First established in 1939, CCHS is the primary organization dedicated to actively and comprehensively preserving the history of Chenango County. The area’s premier heritage museum, the organization celebrates local culture – unique traditions, noteworthy residents, and unusual stories of the region. CCHS programs are made possible by the New York State Council on the Arts with the support of the Office of the Governor and the New York State Legislature.

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