From Glenagore to Guilford – Irish Destiny on the O&W


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On March 29, 1957, Raymund McElligott continued to fulfill the family destiny by having the honor of receiving the last telegraphic train order given on the New York, Ontario & Western Railway. This order gave the conductor and engineer permission to run Extra #805 South to Middletown, New York, whereupon arrival at that terminal operations on the O&W ceased. How was it Ray, a relatively new employee of the railroad, was in a position to receive this historic document? The answer to this question is found in the McElligott family homestead in Ireland; their travel to, and trials in, America; and the tradition of McElligott family members to accomplish important deeds. This is the complete story of how, and why, Ray continued the family tradition, albeit at the expense of the NYO&WRy.