Search for the Grog Hollow Monster during a ‘Hike Through History’

GUILFORD, N.Y. – The Chenango County Historical Society (CCHS) and the Coventry Museum Association (CMA) will host a “Hike Through History” on Oct. 30, with a special outdoor excursion themed for the spooky season.

Beginning at 9 a.m., CMA Museum Director Kurt Riegel will guide an exploration of Wiley Brook State Forest in search of the “Grog Hollow Monster.” Formerly a large beaver pond, the Grog Hollow meadow area is now a valley fed by nearby streams in Wiley Brook State Forest, which is located on the eastern edge of the Oxford township along the border with the town of Guildford.

Over the years, encounters with the “Grog Hollow Monster” have been chronicled in past issues of The Evening Sun, with contributor Bob McNitt having introduced the creature in a story around Halloween of 1979. A follow-up piece was printed in September of 1980, with Ted Como sharing several stories of creature encounters. Local Author and Naturalist Don Windsor recounted his experiences with the local legend both in August 2005 and then again in April 2008.

This “Hike Through History” will happen rain or shine, with the one mile round trip offering the opportunity for a new Grog Hollow Monster sighting. Participants should note that the excursion takes place through soggy terrain on public land during hunting season, so everyone is highly encouraged to wear water-resistant boots and bright colors for safety.

“We are looking forward to possibly rediscovering Chenango County’s very own cryptozoological creature,” said Jessica Moquin, CCHS executive director. “This collaboration with the Coventry Museum Association means that we may experience a brush with the paranormal.”

The “Hike Through History” will take place along a one-mile section of the Finger Lakes Trail which runs through the southwest portion of Wiley Brook State Forest. It can be accessed from Shapley Road near Puckerville Corners. For more information, contact Kurt Riegel at (607) 316-0117.

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