Founded: From the town of Norwich in 1849.

Hamlets within the town: Kings Settlement, Plasterville, Sherburne Four Corners and Whaupaunaucau Valley.

Named after: The town of Norwich, which is directly south of the town of North Norwich.

Current population: 1,783 (2010 U.S. Census)

Notable people: Obadiah German (1766-1842) was an early settler in the hamlet of North Norwich and is believed to be its first merchant. He was an Assembly Representative, first judge for Chenango County, and a United States Senator for six years. He started a trading post along the Chenango River, and also operated a store in the area across from the present-day Town Hall, which was the site of his home. He was also one of the subscribers who helped incorporate the “Farmers Library” in the town of North Norwich. There is a “tale” that if he had been given the land, North Norwich would have been Chenango County’s seat.

Interesting Facts: North Norwich has an “umlaufberg,” also known as Steam Sawmill Hill. The Chenango River once flowed on the western side of this mountain, but now flows on the eastern side. A million years ago, a glacier ice block melted and caused the stream to change course. The hamlet of North Norwich lies to the south.

Industry past: The earliest settlers burned logs they cleared from their land and shipped the resulting charcoal and potash via rafts on the Chenango River. Rea-D-Pack Foods was founded in 1953 by the Goldstein family. At one time, it was the largest sauerkraut producer in the country, producing more than 15,000 tons annually. It closed in 2008.

Industry present: There are several small businesses operating locally, but the largest employer in the town presently is Norwich Pharmaceutical – An Alvogen Co., located on Route 12, south of the hamlet of North Norwich. It currently employs 325 people. The Lt. Warren E. Eaton, DSC Airport is located on Route 12 south of the town office.

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