Founded: The land was settled around 1792. The town of Smyrna was founded in 1808 as “Stafford” from part of the town of Sherburne. Within a month, the name was changed to “Smyrna.”

Hamlets within the town: Bonney, Ireland Mills, Pleasant Brook and Upperville.

Named after: A coastal city in ancient Greece.

Current population: 1,280 (2010 U.S. Census)

Notable people: Harry Stack Sullivan, M.D. (1892-1949), is noted as the father of modern psychiatry. He was honored through a renaming of the county’s mental health facility to the Chenango County-Harry Stack Sullivan Mental Health Clinic. Brigham Young (1801–1877) was an American religious leader and politician who lived in Smyrna as a child. He was the second president of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church) from 1847 until his death. He founded Salt Lake City and he served as the first governor of the Utah Territory. Young also led the founding of the precursors to the University of Utah and Brigham Young University Charlie Palmer, a world renowned chef, owns several restaurants and has received many culinary awards.

Interesting fact: The Smyrna Citizens’ Band has been performing concerts since 1918 for the citizens of Smyrna. One family in the band features a fifth generation of performers.

Industry past: A tannery on the former carding cloth dressing establishment in Pleasant Brook was formed due to the high amount of acid found in the plentiful

amounts of hemlock trees. In 1879, it contained 32 vats and tanned an average of 20 hides per week.

Industry present: Baillie Lumber is one of North America’s largest hardwood lumber manufacturers, distributors and exporters. It is a provider of hardwood lumber. Founded in 1923 by James A. Baillie, the company has grown from a regional supplier of domestic hardwoods to an international hardwood manufacturer that can ship hardwood lumber to any region of the world.

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